The missionof our company

The world around us is constantly changing. Willing to grow as a modern company, we actively participate in these changes, we try to understand the trends and factors which determine the planning of our activities in the future, but we also try to actively influence the directions of these changes.

Our motto

To achieve your aim, do not go with the flow. Sometimes you have to sail across the current or even against the current to find a calmer and more effective direction of development.

Our aim

Do business with people and for people, not statistics. One's satisfaction is our key goal.


we operate here already 8 years


We care about the satisfaction of customers, contractors and employees equally.

We strive to create the best possible relations between all participants of each activity, applying the principle of reciprocity and partnership. Every customer is treated with full respect and patience, even the demanding one. The partnership rules are also important in relations with our contractors. In business we base on clarity of cooperation principles, loyalty and honesty. It is our concern to provide the best service and highest satisfaction to every person cooperating with our company.


In the whole range of our activity, we focus on finding innovative solutions.

Our offer includes only good and proven products that will satisfy needs of even most demanding customers and contractors. We do not cease in our efforts to establish good business relationships with producers of the best world brands, as well as those who offer very good products but (so far) undervalued on the Polish market. We not only introduce them to Polish customer, but also provide constant availability of the offer and full after-sales service.



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We distribute


BUL Armory
Performance and classic pistols built on the basis of 1911 and 2011.
Reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of use are features that every combat operator, sports shooter or average civilian is looking for, and that's what the BUL pistols provide.
IWI - Israel Weapon Industries
Israeli manufacturer of combat weapons such as carbines, shotguns and pistols.
The IWI products include already popular platforms such as - Galil, Tavor in Bullpup Construction, AR-15 Zion, UZI, Masada, Jericho and TS12 Shotgun in Bullpup Construction.
Line of sport and tactic shotguns.
Pump Action and Semi Auto shotguns (including box magazines) produced by Armsan.
Bravo Company USA
Top AR-15 platform manufacturer from the United States
Bravo Company Manufacturing was founded in 2005 by the Marine Corps veteran, Paul Buffoni. Thanks to the highest quality and innovation of their products, the company has achieved great success, becoming one of the top AR-15 manufacturers. The company's mission is to build only the best carbines that perform superbly even in the harshest conditions.
Tactical accessories and optics for short and long weapons.
Manufacturer of tactical fiber optic and tritium target devices, innovative day / night pistol compound instruments, day / night trimmers, and laser collimators.
Tactical accessories and accessories for short and long weapons.
Tactical accessories and accessories for short and long weapons. Holsters, pouches, baskets, butts, grips, sights, rails, magazines, conversions, etc.
stil crin
Italian accessories for cleaning and caring weapons.
A valued manufacturer of accessories for cleaning and caring weapons. Weapon cleaning kits, prisms, tips, cords, brushes, scrapers, weapons protections, flags, tamper, suitcases, etc.
Double Alpha Academy
Sports accessories for arms signed by DAA.
Distributor and manufacturer of renowned accessories for shooters starting mainly in IPSC competitions. From hanger holsters and pouches, through belts, bags, stoppers to elaboration equipment.
5.11 Tactical
5.11 Tactical is a brand of outdoor clothing and tactical equipment.
American manufacturer of very durable clothing, designed mainly for training and tactics. The company produces, among others jackets, T-shirts, shirts, pants, belts, bags, pouches, holsters and other similar items.
Tac Shield
An American company that produces high-quality shooting accessories.

An American company that produces high-quality shooting accessories such as: slings, tactical belts, bipods.

Sight Mark
At Sightmark, the goal is to create confidence by creating optics and accessories that any shooter can rely on.
From scopes and binoculars to night vision technology and red dots, Sightmark is committed to our quest to build durable, accurate optics you can trust.
The American company PHALANX DEFENSE SYSTEMS provides high-quality equipment tailored to the customer's needs, which combines innovative, proven design and practical ease of use.
The company produces tactical vests, backpacks and unique holsters and pouches that are universal and fit over 150 models of pistols.
LASERMAX products have become a world leader in hardened and miniaturized laser systems, offering a comprehensive line of premium laser sights for home security, personal protection and training.
The company's commercial activity provides solutions in the field of laser targeting and tactical lights.

The American company HYSKOR produces foam and metal racks for storing pistols and long weapons, shooting bags, shooting racks and weapons, vices for servicing weapons.

HYSKOR products are designed to adjust the accuracy of a rifle or pistol and to organize and store weapons.
The task and passion of PHASE 5 is to create the best equipment for professionals.

The American company Phase 5 creates products that facilitate the use of firearms by the user, including: bolt release, loading levers, upper and lower elements of the weapon.

An American company that produces high-quality components for firearms.

An American company that produces high-quality components for firearms, such as: silencers, compensators, triggers, rail accessories, gas parts, stocks, spare parts, handguards and magazines.

The American company Berry's, offers a line of injection molded ammo storage products.
The American company Berry's, offers a line of injection molded ammo storage products such as ammo boxes.